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Welcome to the Tustin Meadows website. Our neighborhood consists of 935 homes located in south Tustin and is freeway close to great shopping, recreation, and employment opportunities. Shopping centers include Tustin Market Place, the newly developed District shopping center at Tustin Legacy, and The Irvine Spectrum located to the south.

Our neighborhood offers a small home town feel and a strong sense of community. Amenities include 2 clubhouses both with swimming pools, one with a junior olympic size pool, Tiny Tots preschool; Baby sitting co-op, Dolphins swim team, and great 4th of July family festivities. The neighborhood wraps around beautiful Centennial Park and is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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Pool Monitors Saturday and Sunday's

The association will provide pool monitors this year for the East pool on Saturday and Sunday’s from 12:00-6:00 p.m. This will go through the first week of September.

The pool is open and heated through the summer. Please review the pool rules with your guests and tenants for the enjoyment of everyone.


The Board may impose discipline, including, but not limited to, levying monetary fines pursuant to the Enforcement & Fine Policy and/or suspension of membership privileges, within its reasonable discretion for violations of the following rules. Membership rights and privileges, including, without limitation, voting rights and the rights to use and enjoy the Common Area recreational facilities, may be suspended by the Association.

  1. No climbing on or over the pool fences and gates.
    1. Pool gates must be kept closed and locked at all times.
    2. Anyone climbing over the fence or blocking the gate (keeping the gate from latching) will be subject to a $100 fine after notice and hearing – no warning letter.
  2. No playing with or damaging safety equipment – $100 fine after notice and hearing – no warning letter.
  3. No glassware of any kind is permitted in the pool area – $50 fine after notice and hearing – no warning letter.
  4. No substances of any kind, regardless of toxicity, shall not be released into the pools – $50 fine after notice and hearing – no warning letter.
  5. Resident Pool key cards are required for access to the pool area and for pool use.
  6. Access to the pool area is limited to specific hours posted at each pool entrance. Hours are subject to change without notice.
  7. Residents and their guests must use the pool at THEIR OWN RISK.
  8. Posted rules must be obeyed at all times.
  9. The pool area is only available to residents in good standing and their invited guests.
  10. No more than six (6) non-resident guests per household.
  11. Clubhouse event guests may not access the pool or pool deck except for bathroom access.
  12. No pets of any kind are permitted in the pool area.
  13. For safety purposes, persons under 14 years of age in the pool area must be accompanied by an adult resident (age 18 or over) in compliance with California Code of Regulations. At least one adult is required for every 3 persons under the age of 14.
  14. Persons age 14 to 17 may be unaccompanied if their parent/guardian is a resident and may have no more than 2 guests.
  15. Wading pools are for young children, no rough play.
  16. No food or beverages in the pool.
  17. No food, including chewing gum in the pool area.  
  18. No alcoholic beverages, smoking, vaping, or illegal substances are allowed.
  19. No intoxicants or intoxication are allowed.
  20. All trash must be placed in proper receptacles.
  21. Bicycles, scooters, roller skates or other similar motion toys are not permitted in the pool area. These items must be walked or carried while in the pool area.
  22. Music and audio playback devices must be kept at a low volume so that neighbors cannot hear it. Any audible playback must be family appropriate and must not have explicit lyrics.
  23. No screaming or yelling.
  24. Swimsuits must be worn when using the pools.
  25. Incontinent persons must wear a swim diaper or waterproof pants at all times while in the water.
  26. No street clothes allowed in the pool except:

People with a medical condition, such as pregnancy or obesity

Religious reasons

  1. Inappropriate behavior, such as running, pushing, wrestling, excessive splashing, standing or sitting on shoulders, jumping off shoulders, or throwing another person is not allowed & may result in expulsion from the pool area.
  2. Persons in the pool area should conduct themselves in such a manner as to not disturb other residents.
  4. No jumping off the pump house/storage building, clubhouse, or walls.
  5. No potentially hazardous toys including but not limited to plastic rings, plastic balls, breakable toys, glass, metal or wooden toys, or toys with sharp corners or points. 4 inch soft sponge balls are permitted.
  6. No large or potentially dangerous objects such as boogie boards, air mattresses, inner tubes, or other floating objects.  Exceptions are flotation devices if accompanied by an adult in the pool.
  7. Kickboards are only for lap swimming and only when the pool is not crowded.

The pools are community assets to be used safely & with respect.  Any resident or guest who violates these rules or disobeys the lifeguard may be ejected from the pool area immediately, by the Association Manager, or a TMCA Board Member.  More serious infractions may be subject to disciplinary action including the loss of pool privileges for the household for thirty (30) days & a fine of up to $250.

If there is an emergency, call 911.

Adopted July 11, 2023

Clubhouse Rentals

Clubhouse Reservations


  1. Review the Clubhouse reservation tab.
  2. Please Check the calendar to see if your date is available.
  3. Contact the association assistants.
  4. Send in the form, fee, and deposit.
  5. Enjoy your event.

Email the Action assistants to reserve your date at tustinmeadows@actionlife.com.



Management Team

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Dolores Mendez | doloresmendez@actionlife.com

Resident Service Coordinator
Kevin Miser | tustinmeadows@actionlife.com

Management Company

Action Property Management

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