Dumpster Day

Dumpster Day is a twice-yearly event held in May and October that is sponsored by the Association. This is a Saturday only event in 2023. At Dumpster Day Tustin Meadows residents can dump green waste, wood, metal and trash. This is a great way to rid your house & yard of unwanted items and help keep our neighborhood vibrant and clean. The dumpsters are lined up along Sycamore at Canterbury (across from the East Clubhouse). Community wide garage sale will be the Saturday prior to dumpster day. This will help with getting rid of items and making a few bucks. Please see the newsletter for the exact day.

Call your waste management Co. for 2 free pickups per year, 3 items per pick up.
Call CR&R for details 714-372-8272 or www.crrwasteservices.com

Please review the following guidelines. This will help make sure our event continues to run smoothly for everyone involved.

Gold Service Members

Gold Service Members are your neighbors who have served dumpster days 10 times or more since 1999. They deserve special recognition for their dedication and service to our community. Thank you Gold Members and all our dumpster day volunteers for making a difference within our community.

Dennis Herzog served 27 times

Richard Bell served 25 times

Mike Jarvis served 23 times

Brad Losey served 26 times

James Severin served 22 times

Suzanna DeMoss served 23 times

Gayle Page served 23 times

Sue Phlomm served 21 times

Shirley Lippard served 12 times

June Baldwin served 11 times

Jack Morrell served 11 times

Ginger McLean served 12 times

Dennis Denno served 11 times

George Simon served 11 times

Scott McMillin served 10 times

Clubhouse Rentals

Clubhouse Reservations


  1. Review the Clubhouse reservation tab.
  2. Please Check the calendar to see if your date is available.
  3. Contact the association assistants.
  4. Send in the form, fee, and deposit.
  5. Enjoy your event.

Email the Action assistants to reserve your date at tustinmeadows@actionlife.com.



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