11/18/23 Tustin Hangar Incident Update

Posted By on November 20, 2023

from the City of Tustin

      LOCATION: Warner Avenue / Legacy Road, Tustin:  Former Marine Corps Air Station


CURRENT SITUATION: The City of Tustin, U.S. Navy, Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have thirty-three air monitoring and sampling units throughout the area. Since monitoring began, all particulate matter from smoke and fire data at community sites are well below any level of concern. The asbestos sampling data received to date are also well below any levels of concern. The air monitoring team will provide updates on sampling results as they become available. These air monitoring units (AMUs) transmit information in real time to our partner agencies with the EPA, AQMD, and Navy. This monitoring will continue before, during, and after the eventual deconstruction and cleanup of the hangar site.  

Details of the hangar’s deconstruction plan are being finalized and deconstruction is planned to take place over the next 24 – 48 hours. The intent of this effort is to extinguish all remaining hotspots of the hangar fire. At the present time, no action will be taken on the hangar doors or concrete pillars, which will be addressed upon completion of this first step. A plan is being developed to stabilize the doors in place for the safety of our workers and the public. The following bullet points outline the process and steps being taken. Utilize heavy equipment excavators to remove debris to clear roadways to allow for water trucks to access all areas of the hanger. Excavators will be used to knock down the remaining west-facing wall and create access to the heavy debris and deep seeding smoldering fires beneath. The excavator will remove all remaining hanging debris along both walls to allow safe access the structure. Water trucks equipped with nozzles and hoses will be used for fire suppression and dust abatement control throughout the process. Water trucks will be staged on the far side of the hangar with continuous water saturation toward the interior debris to further prevent further dust dispersion. A public information map was added to the website. The map depicts bulk debris collection areas near the incident site and will be updated regularly.

In an effort to advertise the Tustin Hangar Incident’s website, six large banners were hung in various locations within the City. The banners displayed the City’s website address and a QR code directing the community to the website.

CALL CENTER AND WEBSITE: The City of Tustin’s website contains the most up-to-date information regarding the Hangar Incident. We encourage the community to visit the website https://www.tustinca.org before using the call center as a lot of the questions can be answered on the website. If more information is needed, the community may call 714-426-2444, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.  
ASBESTOS / SMOKE PRECAUTIONS:  Asbestos has been identified in the debris related to the Tustin Hangar Fire Incident. The geography of impacted areas are still being identified and are dynamic in nature.  If you believe your neighborhood has been impacted by fire debris, please review and follow the actions noted below which have been recommended by the Orange County Healthcare Agency
Reducing your exposure at home:    
< >Keep windows and doors closed   Remove shoes before entering the home   Turn on indoor air purifiers   Do not run air conditioning units, HVAC systems, swamp coolers, and whole house fans to minimize drawing outside air in.   If you have a pet, minimize outdoor activity Avoid touching debris.  If your skin, eyes, or mouth inadvertently come into contact with debris, wash thoroughly as soon as you can.   Limit or avoid activities that will displace debris related to the fire.  Avoid sweeping, landscaping, leaf blowing, mowing, and gardening.    Avoid outdoor activities and minimize contact with yard furniture and play equipment until advised otherwise. Avoid temporarily closed areas (parks, schools). If you must go outdoors in the immediate area, P100 respirators offer greater protection than well-fitted N95 masks.  Seek medical attention if you have any medical concerns. https://www.tustinca.org/715/Parks-Information
SCHOOL CLOSURES:  Schools continue to be tested for debris.  Please use the following link for up-to-date information on school closure status:
Future updates from this incident will be released daily that will include updated information based on new intel from the incident.

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