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Welcome to the Tustin Meadows website. Our neighborhood consists of 935 homes located in south Tustin and is freeway close to great shopping, recreation, and employment opportunities. Shopping centers include Tustin Market Place, the newly developed District shopping center at Tustin Legacy, and The Irvine Spectrum located to the south.

Our neighborhood offers a small home town feel and a strong sense of community. Amenities include 2 clubhouses both with swimming pools, one with a junior olympic size pool, Tiny Tots preschool; Baby sitting co-op, Dolphins swim team, and great 4th of July family festivities. The neighborhood wraps around beautiful Centennial Park and is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

The features of most interest to the residents of the community are on the ‘Private’ portion of the website. Please click on ‘My Account’ and then click the ‘Login’ button to enter the resident only portion of the website.

Manager’s Messages

Happy 4th of July!!

Enjoy your holiday and please be safe.

We are gearing up for the parade and BBQ. We still need volunteers to help with the setup, cooking and take down. Please contact Adrian Henson to get the details.

Please be safe and have a great holiday.

Tustin Meadows 4th of July / Updates

   Hello Tustin Meadows Residents,

I wanted to provide an update for you on several things that are going on in the Meadows. We are planning to have a social distancing BBQ and parade this year. We will need the following volunteers for the 4th of July. We will be practicing social distancing. Please bring your mask or one can be provided for you. Set up 3 volunteers BBQ 4 volunteers Parking control 4 volunteers Take down 3 volunteers Please contact Adrian Henson to sign up at eventsdirector@tusinmeadows.com or you can leave a message at 949-306-3791.

Pool Access Cards Please contact me if you need a pool key or have not sent in the address with your pool card #. We allow only one card per household. If you have several key cards, please advise which one you will be using. If we do not have your address and pool key card # it may not work after June 30th. We are updating our records to keep you safe and to delete cards that are no longer being used by a resident. Contact Cecilia de Heras at cdeheras@actionlife.com

3 Board Positions Open I want to thank the current Board for all of the hard work and hours spent to keep the community moving forward. We will have 3 openings in September and I encourage you to send in the candidate statement and run for a position on the Board at the September 22, 2020 Annual Meeting. You have until JUNE 30 to get the candidate statement in to be on the ballot. The form has been provided as an attachment. The Board meetings are once a month via zoom. Please send the statement to Tommy at Majority Rules. majority_rules@sbcglobal.net

Pool is Open Please be respectful of the social distancing at the pools, wash your hands and bring hand sanitizer with you. Restrooms should be used one family at a time to stop the spread of the virus. We will have the lifeguards working at the East pool this summer to help. They should be scheduled to come out this weekend.

Clubhouse Reservations The clubhouse reservations are still not available at this time. The Board will be discussing the opening when the O.C. Health Department is allowing venues to open.

Email Consent Form Save the Association money by sending in your form. This will allow us to send legal mailings via email. We will be sending five of you a $25.00 gift card just for sending it in. This form will need to be mailed in because the law requires it to be an original copy. This form is provided as an attachment to this email.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I hope that all of you are staying safe.

Cecilia de Heras General Manager Tustin Meadows

Pools are Open!

Please enjoy the pools with the following Temporary Rules.

Temporary Pool Rules Per the CDC the Association is requesting that the following Temporary Facility Use Rules are followed. To make Association facilities accessible to the membership while promoting good hygiene and proper social distancing. Please understand that the risk of infection associated with COVID-19 is an unknown and, while the Association is taking precautions to minimize the risk, there is no way for the risk to be completely eliminated. Thus, please understand that USE OF THIS ASSOCIATION FACILITY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Also, please understand that the Association’s ability to keep its facilities open and to mitigate the risk related to COVID-19 is dependent upon everyone working together with social distancing and doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible. Please read the schedule (Disinfection Plan) that will be used to disinfect the facilities and equipment.

1. Anyone using an Association facility is required to adhere to all of the rules contained herein, as well as existing rules that do not conflict.

2. No person may access an Association facility that is sick, that has a fever or a confirmed case of COVID- 19. Any person visiting a facility should wash their hands regularly and/or use sanitizer.

3. Access to any Association facility is restricted to residents and their household only (unless authorized by the association, in writing and in advance).

4. Any facility may be closed at any time, without notice. Residents are required to respect the instructions of any Association agents relating to when the facility is open or closed, as well as any instructions pertaining to proper hygiene or social distancing.

5. Any portion of the facility that is closed (clubhouse) may not be accessed or used at any time.

6. All residents accessing the facility are required to bring either disposable sanitary wipes or similar cleaning materials to use on any surfaces in the facility that the resident intends to come into contact with (e.g. to disinfect a door handle before entry or to wipe down a chair). Residents are encouraged to wipe down equipment and/or furnishings both before and after each use as a courtesy to neighbors.

7. Residents are required to maintain the minimum safe distance as currently required by the CDC between themselves and any other resident or group. Residents should be respectful of the sentiments of neighbors relating to social distancing.

8. The furnishings available within any facility have been placed in a manner to promote proper social distancing. Residents may not move or rearrange any furnishings in a manner that interferes with social distancing or that encourages larger groups. Only one family may occupy any seating station regardless of whether there is additional space available.

9. Access to the bathroom at any facility is restricted to one household at a time. Any person entering an Association facility assumes any and all risks of illness or injury associated with his or her access to a facility. Neither the Association nor any agent or staff member is responsible for any illness or injury suffered by any person as a result of accessing an Association facility.

June 13, 2020 Per the Orange County Health Department, Tustin Meadows Community Association has set up the following plan to keep the residents safe at the East and West community pools. The following disinfection schedule will be completed by Blue Balance Pool and Janitorial

• Touch Areas include:  Gate handles (inside and out)  Pool railings  Restroom door handles (inside and out)  Restroom sink handles  Restroom flush handles and seats  Soap dispensers  Counter tops  Tissue dispensers  Shower faucet handles  Stall doors and handles of same

• Touch areas will be cleaned one time on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

• Blue Balance will be using an approved Disinfectant Cleaner (EPA registered, recommended by EPA on their website registration #45745-11.

• Tustin Meadows Community Association will be providing soap and paper towels and recommends that it be used to stop the spread of the virus.

Please be safe and contact Action Property Management if you have any questions.

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News and Announcements

Watering Schedule

The City of Tustin has a watering schedule.  As we move into fall and winter our landscape may require less watering.  Do not water while it is raining.  Do not allow water to flow onto your driveway or sidewalk.  For more information see:  https://www.tustinca.org/411/Drought-Information 

Thank you,

Brad Losey

Street Lights Out

Image result for street light repairs cartoon pics


The street lights in Tustin Meadows are not Maintained by the Association. SoCal Edison has been maintaining the lights and has advised Management that they will no longer do so.  The City of Tustin will be responsible for this moving forward.  If you notice a street light is burned out, flickering or stays on during the day, please contact the City of Tustin Public Works Department.

Public Works department (714) 573-3350 


Please provide the light pole number if you can read it, nearest address and cross street to help them locate the light.

Thank you for you continued support in keeping your community bright!

Painting Your Home Questions and Answers

Hello Residents,

I have created this section to answer some of the most asked questions. The Association has sent hundreds of letters out for painting and so you are not alone if you received one. The Board wishes to continue to make Tustin Meadows a beautiful place to live. If you have further questions please contact the Action Property Management office.

I received a letter to paint my home, when do I have to paint it?
Please contact your manager Cecilia de Heras to set a date to get started. The Board is aware that it is a large cost to the owners. You can send your request in writing through regular us mail to:

Action Property Management
Attention: Cecilia
2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614

or via email to cdeheras@actionlife.com

What colors can I use to paint my house?
The current approved color schemes are on the Sherwin Williams website that was set up for Tustin Meadows.  You can access that website from the below link:


Do I need approval to paint my house the same original colors?
Yes please send in the Architectural Application so that we can be sure that these colors were approved. Over time the colors may have changed and the previous owner could not have painted in an approved color.

When do I need to submit an application?
If you don’t want to use the approved colors Homeowners will need to fill out an Architectural (ARC) application and submit that for approval before starting any work.  .  The application is available on the homeowner portal website….  Click “About” on the green header bar at the top of the page and from the drop down menu, choose ARC Review. You may also obtain a copy of the application by calling the office at 949-450-0202

What should I do if I already painted my house colors that were not approved?
Fill out the architectural application and send it in with the paint samples of the colors that you have already painted. The Architectural Committee will review and provide a decision which will be sent in writing. Please be advised that if your color choice is not approved the Board can request that you re paint with approved colors. This can be added to escrow instructions and could stop any sale until the issue is corrected.

What can I do if I have received a hearing request for painting?
Contact Management immediately to schedule a date to paint and discuss if you can  come to the meeting or just provide information in writing for the Board to review at the meeting.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Manager, Cecilia de Heras, at cdeheras@actionlife.com.

Clubhouse Rentals

Clubhouse Reservations are not available at this time. We are continuing to wait until the O.C Health Department allows for venues to open. This will be in Phase 4.

We will advise once the clubhouse reservations resume.

Clubhouse Rentals are to be rented by the owner at Tustin Meadows. If a tenant would like to rent the clubhouse they will need to have the owner submit an application to Action Property Management. They will also need to be added to the account as a tenant.

All forms, fees and information is available through the Manager Assistant at Action Corporate Offices. maoc@actionlife.com or 949-450-0202.

Please take a look at the Clubhouse pictures located at the top of the page.

Clubhouse addresses:

West Clubhouse-14702 Devonshire

East Clubhouse -14751 Canterbury



Management Team

General Manager
Cecilia de Heras | cdeheras@actionlife.com

Manager Assistant

Erik Villalpando evillalpando@actionlife.com

Community Care



Management Company

Action Property Management

We are open through this pandemic for needed services.
Corporate Office
2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
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