Happy New Year!!

Posted By on January 14, 2022

First great thing for the Tustin Meadows to know is that your East pool is now going to be heated year round! Yes that’s ‘right. You can go swimming year round at the East pool. Tell your neighbors and friends and have fun.

The West pool will be closed until the resurfacing is completed by the end of this month. The West pool will not be heated at this time and will possibly be heated for spring break.

The Redhill and Walnut Landscape project is on its way and should be completed by February 4. Any needed changes will be addressed at that time. Thank you to the Board and Architectural Committee for making this happen.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful new year.

Cecilia de Heras, General Manager

Clubhouse Rentals open June 16, 2021

Clubhouse Reservations.

Please email maoc@actionlife.com to see which dates are available.

The fee for the clubhouse rental is $200.00 and you will also need to send a separate check for the deposit of $300.00. Checks are to be written out to Tustin Meadows.

Clubhouse Rentals will only be allowed for owners.  If a tenant would like to rent the clubhouse they will need to have the owner submit a letter of approval and sign the application. If the tenant is in good standing the General Manager can approve the rental. The tenant will be added to the account with all contact information.

All forms, fees and information is available through the Manager Assistant at Action Corporate Offices. maoc@actionlife.com or 949-450-0202.

Please take a look at the Clubhouse pictures You can see pictures of the clubhouses on the above tab.

Clubhouse addresses:

West Clubhouse-14702 Devonshire

East Clubhouse -14751 Canterbury



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